Éléonore Albertine Le Blanc de La Blois de La Vallière (エレオノール Ereonōru)
Title Eldest daughter of Duke and Karin, Duchess de La Vallière
Gender Female
Age 27[1]
Height 180.3 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Measurements 82-58-80 cm
Country Tristain
Occupation Research at the Academia
Father Duke de La Vallière
Mother Karin, Duchess de La Vallière
Sibling(s) Cattleya de La Fontaine
Louise de La Vallière
Magical level Triangle
Dislikes Count de Burgundy, Saito
Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)

Éléonore Albertine Le Blanc de La Blois de La Vallière (エレオノール Ereonōru, Pronunciation: /ɛlɛonɔr albərtin lə blan də la blwɑ də la valɪɛr/ or /ɛlɛonɔr albərtin lə blɑ̃ də la blwɑ də la valɪɛr/) is Louise's eldest sister. Her mother and father are the Duke de La Vallière and Karin, Duchess de La Vallière. She has her father's blonde hair and resembles him more than her mother. Éléonore brought Louise out of the magic academy with the intent of finding her a Noble husband. It should be her turn to get married instead of Louise, and she had gotten engaged to the Count de Burgundy, though he called off the marriage. Like most the rest of Louise’s family, except for Cattleya, she believes that Louise is incapable of performing magic because everything she does blows up, and that she is a zero.

185px-Eleanor 2

Éléonore de La Vallière

Obviously, Éléonore can be rather rough on Louise, and is very intimidating, as seen when she has her ‘evil,’ expression on. She's kind of strict to Louise, usually shouting at her, calling her "Chibi Louise", and pinching her cheek. Despite all of that, she actually cares for her. She is easily upset (even making Louise afraid of her) and she's very bossy. Louise seems to get her violence from Éléonore, as seen when Éléonore whipped Saito after he accidentally snuck into her room, and again later when he looked at her chest for a stamp marking that she was a thief. She does not approve Louise's feelings for Saito, since he is a peasant.

Éléonore works at the Oriz Magic Academy and went to the Tristain Academy of Magic to teach the students how to use magic in battle, as requested by Queen Henrietta.

Evil Eleanor

Éléonore's evil expression

Although Éléonore is rather intimidating, she means well. For instance, when Saito informed Éléonore that Louise planned on going to war, Éléonore locked her up and told her she wouldn't let her out until she changed her mind. This may seem rather harsh, though she did it to ensure her sister's safety. Also, when the school had been invaded, and hostages were taken, she volunteered to be a hostage instead, if all the other hostages were set free.

After Saito and Louise were given control of Des Ornières by the queen, Éléonore came to take Louise away since she refused to let her live with an man while unmarried. She was then persuaded to give Louise time to train Saito to be a proper noble before she returned to take her back for good.


The Duchess, Éléonore, Cattleya at Saito and Louise's wedding

After the Ancient Dragon was defeated, she was present at Saito and Louise's wedding. She appeared upset about it at first, but eventually smiled in approval of it.


Also known as
  • Onee-sama (by her sisters and Saito)


  1. Volume 6, Chapter 1

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