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Brimir and his familiar Gandálfr
Title Founder
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Child(ren) Three children
Magical affinity Void
Familiar Sasha

Brimir Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori (ブリミル・ル・ルミル・ユル・ヴィリ・ヴェー・ヴァルトリ Burimiru Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori), or Brimir, was the first Void mage. His descendants are the royal families of Tristain, Albion, Gallia. Romalia was established by Brimir's apprentice. His first familar was Sasha, taking the role of Gandálfr. Brimir is consider the Founder. Current events when Saito was summoned by Louise takes place 6,000 years after Brimir's death[1]. One of his familiars was Gandálfr (ガンダールヴ Gandāruvu). A familiar would act as protector and a stalling system to let the mage have time to recite the words for a spell.

Other familiars include Windalfr (Right Hand of God), a familiar that controls animals; the 'Mind of God' who can use any magical artifact; and the 'Heart of God', a vessel for great magic that Brimir used as a sacrifice to commit genocide on other races[2].


In Brimir's youth, he was a absent-minded genius not unlike Colbert. He possesses great power and can repeatedly cast Explosion equivalent to the one that took out the Albion Fleet without being exhausted. He made a pact with Sasha to allow him to experiment on her but made his familiar, something Sasha was not pleased about[3]. In his defense, Brimir meant no harm to come to Sasha when he made her his familiar.

In later years, after humans was exiled from the 'Holy Land', Brimir's homeland, he made the various items like the Prayer Book and the Round Mirror, for the sake of retaking his homeland. The Prayer Book suggested at the time of its writing Brimir wanted nothing more than the complete annihilation of the elves and said it's the successor's duty to retake it at all costs. The Round Mirror suggested he did many atrocious things in his life, such as committing genocide, but if he had not humans would have been wiped off Halkeginia; and that he wished with all his heart he did not had to commit such atrocities[4].

Brimir was killed by Sasha as she stabbed Derflinger into his heart while he tried to kill off the elves[5] for reasons not yet revealed as of the 19th Light Novel.

Items related to Brimir

The Founder's Treasures

  • The Founder’s Prayer Book (Tristain, Louise)
    • Old Osman gives the Prayer Book to Louise. The book is a void spell book and can only be read while having one of the four rings near the pages and the spell that is needed will appear to Louise.
  • The Founder’s Censer (Gallia, Joseph of Gallia) (Used to hold Burning Incense)
  • The Founder’s Music Box (Albion, Tiffania)
    • Function as yet unknown as of Vol19, but only a Void Successor can hear the music of this box. Tiffania was capable, and this was how she was confirmed to be a Void mage. The music is called "Serenade of Nostalgia" and can revive forgotten memories, while directly hearing the music from the box seems to grant the skill to manipulate minds (at least the first time), Tiffania's only spell.
  • The Founder’s Round Mirror (Romalia, Pope)
    • Allows the user to see into Brimir's life and what he did.

The Founder's Rings
(Each ring was given to the noble family in each guardian country)

  • Ruby of Water (Tristain, Louise)
    • Henrietta gives the ring to Louise to show Wales the message Louise has is from Henrietta. As the Ring of Water and Ring of Wind come together it makes a rainbow.
  • Ruby of Earth (Gallia, Joseph)
  • Ruby of Wind (Albion, Tiffania)
  • Ruby of Fire (Romalia, Pope)
    • Colbert had been given the ring from the a woman after burning down Agnes' hometown. It turned out that woman was the mother of Vittorio (the Romalian Pope). She fled Romalia with the ring after finding out the fate of the Void Successors to follow Brimir's footsteps, and it was a burden she did not want Vittorio to have to take upon himself. By leaving with the Ring she thought she can take away the burden, but it proved to be futile. The village she sought refuge in was ordered to be burned down due to her presence, and the ring made its way back to Vittorio as Colbert returned the ring to him.


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