The Halkeginian calendar, or the calendar of Brimir, consists of 384 days, divided evenly into twelve months of 32 days, which are divided into four eight-day weeks.[1] One of the days of the week is the Day of Void, a holy day of rest.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

It appears to be a lunar or lunisolar calendar. It is unknown whether it's a fixed calendar or if there is a leap day, week, or month.

Since it's not known how long each day is, it is not possible to compare the length of a Halkeginian year to an Earth year. However, Saito never notes much difference. Halkegania appears to use the conventional 12-hour clock to measure time.

When Tiffania enrolled in the Tristanian Academy of Magic, it was the year 6243.

Summer vacation at the Tristanian Academy of Magic is 2.5 months, or 80 days long.[2]

Names of the months, weeks, and days

The dates are named after runes and Norse gods. The named months, weeks, and days are:

  • Nyð Eolh Mann (8-3-4); summer
  • 6227 Tir/Týr Heimdallr Ēoh; Tabitha’s birthday
  • Ansuz(?) Freyja Hagall (8-1-?)
  • Ur/Úr Tîwaz Ing (5-4-?)
  • Ur/Úr Freyja Éðel(?) (5-1-7)
  • Ur/Úr Eolh Ior/Yule(?) (5-3-?); second half of the month, first half of the week
  • 6243 Ur/Úr Heimdallr Ing; current date at the time
  • ? Freyja Dæg (?-1-?)
  • Hagall Eolh Lagu (?-3-4)
  • Wynn 4 Ing (12-4-?); end of the year
  • Wynn 1 Mann (12-1-?); end of the year
  • ? Tîwaz Dæg; end of the month
  • ? ? Lagu
  • ? ? Ior/Yule(?)
  • Ur/Úr Heimdallr ? (?-2-?)
  • Wynn; autumn
  • Feoh Heimdallr ? (4-2-?); spring

Many names are uncertain because they're not given in their original language.

Some discrepancies are: Nyð and Ansuz(?) are both the eighth month; Mann and Lagu are both the fourth day; Tir/Týr and Tîwaz are etymologically same, yet are a month and a week, respectively; Hagall is both a month and a day.

What can be reconstructed are: The fifth and twelfth monthes are Ur/Úr and Wynn, respectively; the first, second, third, and fourth weeks are Frejya, Heimdallr, Eolh, and Tîwaz, respectively; and the seventh day is Éðel(?). Additionally, the eighth month is in the summer; Ior/Yule(?) is in the first half of the week; and the Day of Void is a day of rest.


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