Tristain (トリステイン, Torisutein?) the nation in which the majority of the story takes place. It is a small country resembling modern day Belgium with a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands . It is under threat from Albion, because of a rebellion there by the people against the royalty. Tristain is home to a magical academy which attracts students from nearby countries known as the Tristain Academy of Magic. The academy is a highly acclaimed school for magical studies, where students gather to study the mysteries of magic. It even attracts students from Germania and Gallia. The main courtyard of the school is known as Vestri[1]Court.

Militarily, the country is weak, with only a small permanent force, which forces it to make marriage alliances with other countries. This mirrors the political state of the Low Countries on many occasions throughout history, in reality. The capital city is Tristania (トリスタニア, Torisutania) and is located in the northwest of Halkeginia.

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