Professor Chevreuse
Title Professor
Runic name Red Earth
Gender Female
Age About 40-45
Country Tristain
Occupation Professor
Magical affinity Earth
Magical level Triangle
Skills Transmutation
Voiced by Noriko Suzuki

Professor Chevreuse (シュヴルーズ Shuvurūzu) is a new professor at the Tristanian Academy of Magic. She is an earth magic user. She teaches the different parts of magic. She explains "The magic of Earth is very important magic that governs the creation of all matter. If it wasn't for Earth magic, we wouldn't be able to produce or process necessary metals, raising buildings from large boulders and harvesting crops would also involve much more work. In this manner, the magic of the Earth element is intimately related to everyone's life." She shows basic magic of the Earth element of transmutation and turns a rock into brass. She doesn't know about Louise's magic problems and asks Louise to do a transmutation spell. Unfortunately, Louise blew up the class room.


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