Damien first appears in Season 4 Episode 1, Louise of the Holy Kingdom. He is either the brother of Jack, Jeanette, and Bleu by blood or by the strong bond they shared as Gallia Knights.

Damien is a short, young boy with bright blonde hair, and blue eyes. He is mostly seen wearing a cape around him over his regular suspenders and shirt.

Damien is capable of commanding respect of his siblings, and seems to be the leader of their four person group. Little is known about his powers, except for his extraordinary gift of alchemy transmutation. He also uses a ordinary wand.

In The Desert Elf, he can transform the ground into a deep pool of water using a thing that looks like odd trumpet with a button without showing excessive movement.

He can change the particles in the ground with his trumpet. Eg, rock to water.

Tabitha hired them to help with fighting the Ancient Dragon back at the school. They setup a shield around the school to stop the smaller dragons from getting into the school.


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