Des Ornières

Des Ornières is a land within Tristain.

The previous Lord of Des Ornières had died ten years ago without an heir, so the government of Tristain took possession of the land. Known for its grape harvest, the population of Des Ornières is comprised mostly of the elderly, having had a majority of its younger population emigrate to nearby cities.

Des ornieres

Grapes being harvested at the vineyards

Des Ornières is a highly valued land because of the production of grapes that can produce hundreds of barrels of wine a year, bringing in more than ten thousand écus. After Louise's and Saito's unquestionable service to the kingdom of Tristain, Queen Henrietta gifts this land to them. This land now becomes the property of Saito Hiraga, who now lives there with Louise and their maid Siesta. Saito hires Hélène, an elderly lady in Des Ornières, to maintain his estate.

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