Elf Crew

An elf is a member of the elven race and a Firstborn race of Halkegenia. They inhabit the Sahara Desert where they formed the nation of Nephthys.


The elves are a culture superior to that of the humans of Halkeginia, yet inferior to the humans of Saito's world. Their magic is fundamentally different from that of Halkeginian mages.

If one looks at a certain stand point the elves are typically arrogant and extremely bigoted to the point of looking down on their foes.

Elves are notorious at being so arrogant, they instinctive call human barbarians and are even prideful when cornered as shown with Bidashal and Joseph.

Elven literature is mostly devoid of creativity, books and other written documents are reserved for histories and facts, leaving little to no room for stories and myths. It's possible for this reason that elven society lacks any form of entertainment. Their lack of creativity is evident in their studies in magic as well, for example the Jewel of Fire, while understanding it possess vast amounts of fire magic were unable to comprehend its dangerous applications until after the Mad King utilized it. Elves despite their elitism and sense of superiority unsurprisingly take no responsibility for this atrocity stating it was the result of barbarians.

They eschew the monarchy and nobility, preferring a representative government. They view the other nations who still practice feudalism as savage and backwards. However according to Tiffania, the elves also possessed a monarchy and were polygamists.


The elves worship a concept called the Great Purpose, which is similar to the Gaia Theory on Earth that the entire world is a living spirit. However their beliefs hold no more truth as the Brimir faith. Despite being able to communicate with spirits, no evidence of this 'Great Purpose' or a will of any sort exists, proving their beliefs are equally flawed and self-serving. When Brimir arrived in Halkegenia he attempted to gain help from the elves due to the various elemental stone instabilities. However the elves living in relative safety due to the fact that they were living at the epicenter of a giant windstone mountain refused to help, believing it was the will of the Great Purpose.

Known Elves