Henry de Tristain
Title Prince de Albion
King de Tristain
Gender Male
Country Albion (native)
Tristain (marriage)
Occupation King de Tristain
Sibling(s) James de Albion
Archduke de Albion
Wife Marianne de Tristain
Child(ren) Henrietta de Tristain

Henry de Tristain (Albionian: Henry, Tristanian: Henri) was the King de Tristain. He was the father of Henrietta and the husband of Marianne, the present and former Queens of Tristain, the younger brother of the former King de Albion, and the older brother of the former Archduke de Albion.[1]

He may have been king jure uxoris. It is unknown what his ordinal number is. However, it must be IV or greater, as there was already a Henry III 400 years ago.


  1. Volume 13, Chapter 5

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