Henry Stanford-0

Henry Stanford is a "Dragon Knight" who fights for Albion's forces. He is the same age as Saito, 17. At first, he had a very rude personality but Saito and Louise changed him into being nice after a conversation.


Henry has brown way hair and has pale blue eyes. He is only seen once and is was only seen in his "Dragon Knight" armor. He seems to be as tall as Saito. Not much else is known about this character's appearence as he is only featured in the episode with a very little role in it.


Henry was called on by Albion's forces to defend against Saito's "Zero Fighter". The plane shot Henry's dragon and due to that, he landed in Albion's snowy mountains. Saito and Louise eventually found Henry unconsious under his dragon's wing. Saito and Louise decided to bring him along due to Professor Colbert telling them to make sure they don't kill anyone, even the enemy. Once Henry woke up, he started a fight with Saito. Saito told him why they weren't going to kill him. They started talking and Saito eventually ended up arguing with Louise whether "Love" is more important than your reputation. Henry was carefully listening to them. Once he had understood the two of them, he had become more nice and easy-going. Louise has found a pendant that Henry dropped. Inside was a picture of his divorced wife. Henry told them that the reason he divorced his wife was because he was going to war and would probably end up dying. After Saito heard that, he got angry and lectured him. After their conversations, Henry decided to go back to Albion. He was whispering to himself "We will meet again".

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