Hiraga Saito, familiar of Tiffania Westwood

Lífþrasir (Halkeginian: Lífþrasir, "love of life") is the fourth familiar of the void. It is also known as the "Heart of God".[1] Lífþrasir can increase the magical power of a void mage spell increasing the strength of this launch, however to use this power shortens his life force and using it with no control would kill the Lifþrasir.

To put it simply, Lifprasir serves as not a catalyst for spells, but amplifies them using the familar's life force as fuel. However, that is only half of it power and the the most gentle. It other half is the power to stockpile magic, spells, make them stronger and for lack of better word turn themselves into a bomb.

Saito became Lífþrasir when Tiffania summoned him as her familiar.[2]

Known Lífþrasir


Lífþrasir is named after Lífþrasir from Norse mythology, one of two humans who will survive Ragnarök.[3]


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