Gender Female
Country Nephthys
Occupation Researcher

Luctiana (Pronunciation: /lʊkʃɑnə/, also spelled Lukshana by some English translators) is a young elf who spends her time as a human researcher. Her first appearance was in the end of episode six, 4.6-A Chaotic Hot Spring, but it wasn't until episode seven, 4.7-Elf of the Desert, that her appearance and background were given.


Luctiana has pointed ears typical of elves as well as long, light blonde hair and bangs. She has a fair complexion and bright, sky blue eyes. Her bust is average sized, though she seems to be insecure of this when comparing herself to Tiffa.


Luctiana researches humans, and is deeply fascinated by these "savages" and their culture. She kidnaps both Saito and Tiffania for that purpose, wishing to observe their behavior. She seems to realize fairly quickly that humans and elves are more different than her people believe, noting Tiffania and Saito's relationship. Despite her eventual understanding of humans, she continues to refer to them as "savages".

She is seen to be rather adventurous, helping Tiffa and Saito escape and excited at the prospect of visiting a "savage country" and leaving the annex to observe the castle. Ari even comments that Luctiana forced him to help with another one of her "idiotic plans", suggesting that she does such things often.

Luctiana comes off as fairly friends, regardless of how she actually feels about someone, and seems to be an overall happy person. She tends to threaten her fiancé Ari, telling him that if he doesn't let her do what she wants that she will call off their wedding. Despite how she somewhat harasses Ari, she seems to be a romantic, crying in a mutual understanding when Louise forces Saito to go back to his own world.


The oasis

Luctiana swim

Luctiana swimming in the oasis


Luctiana, Tiffania, and Saito


Luctiana's home and private study are located on a private oasis in the middle of the desert on Elvish territory. It is here that she is allowed to hold Saito and Tiffa for study while the Elvish Elders determine their fate.



Elf Crew

Bidashal, Luctiana, and Ari

Luctiana played a big part in Tiffa and Saito's escape from the Elven Council even going as far as bring Derflinger back to Saito. During their escape from the Elven guards she used her magic to help prevent the sleeping mist from catching up with them. She shows the capability of using magic quite successfully during times of great stress.

Luctiana at wedding

Luctiana taking notes for her research on a human wedding


  • She is engaged to Ari
  • Her uncle is Bidashal. It would seem research runs in their family.

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