Marianne of Tristain
Title Queen of Tristain
Gender Female
Country Tristain
Occupation Queen of Tristain
Father Philip III of Tristain
Husband Henry de Tristain
Child(ren) Henrietta de Tristain

Queen Marianne (Tristanian: Marianne) was a Queen de Tristain. She was the queen consort of Henry and the mother of Henrietta. After her husband's death, she reigned as queen regnant before her daughter became queen.

She was the only daughter of Philip III de Tristain.[1] However, she did not rule as queen regnant during the reign of Henry, a prince de Albion and her husband. She appears to have considered herself only as the king's wife and the princess's mother.[2]

She knew Karin Désirée de Maillart when she was a princess. When she was thirteen, Karin—then aged fourteen or fifteen—was assigned to be her guard.


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