Marianne of Tristain


The only child of the former King Henry of Tristain, Marianne grew up dreaming of marrying her "Prince Charming" out of love as opposed to political convenience. In her early years she was friends with Karin de Maillart though for a number of years she assumed her friend was a man. This mistake resulted in the Crown Princess trying to win Karin's heart as she believed the latter was her ideal husband. Eventually though she learned the truth and instead married Henry, the second eldest son of the then King of Albion.

The marriage, though a happy one, only resulted in the birth of their daughter Henrietta. Several years after her daughter's birth however Henry died from an unknown illness, the shock of her husbands death left the widowed Queen inconsolable and removed herself from the public eye. In her place she allowed Cardinal Mazarin, and old friend and mentor to her daughter, to take the reigns of power and serve as Chief Minister with her daughter serving as Regent until she came of age.

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