Sheffield, the familiar of Joseph

Julio Chesaré

Julio Chesaré, the familiar of Josette

Mjöðvitnir is the mind of god and is a familiar of the void. The first Mjöðvitnir to appear was Sheffield, the familiar of Joseph. The second Mjöðvitnir, after the deaths of Joseph and Sheffield, was Julio Chesaré, the familiar of Josette. Being a Mjöðvitnir allows one to use any magic artifact and create almost any magical feat. This serves as an opposite of Gandalfr, wheras Gandalfr uses weapons and scientific application, Mjoovinir uses magic and spell theory.

The other familiars of the void are Gandálfr (Left hand of God), Vindálfr (Right hand of God), and Lífþrasir (Heart of God).

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