Cromwell and Reconquista's War Council

The Reconquista is a group of Halkeginian nobles that attempted to unite Halkeginia by war in preparation for an eventual invasion of the Holy Land.

The first country to fall to the Reconquista was Albion. The leader of Reconquista, Oliver Cromwell, rallied the nobles of Albion to rebel against the monarchy. The Reconquista won the civil war against the royalists, with the deaths of both the king, James, and the crown prince, Wales.

After the defeat of the Albionian royalists, the Reconquista used Albion as a foothold to invade the Halkeginian mainland. The Reconquista-controlled Albion first invaded Tristain at Tarbes, where it was defeated by Louise de La Vallière. Cromwell was captured by Tristain at this battle, and later died in incarceration.

After the death of Cromwell, his associate Sheffield became the de facto leader of Albion. An alliance of Tristinian and Germanian forces then invaded Albion. The allied forces—later with the addition of Gallia—defeated Albion, which was left ravaged due to Sheffield's policies during the war.

It was revealed that Sheffield was the familiar of Joseph of Gallia, which used the Reconquista and Albion for his own war against the rest of Halkeginia.

Known members

    • Oliver Cromwell
    • Sheffield
    • Jean-Jacques, Viscount of Wardes
    Oliver Cromwell (Founder and leader)
  • Sheffield
  • Jean Jacques, Viscount of Wardes
  • Matilda de Sachsen-Gotha


Reconquista is the name of the reconquest by the Christians of the Iberian Peninsula from the hands of the Muslims, from 718 (or 722) to 1492.

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