Romalia (Japanese: ロマリア Romaria), or the Holy Romalian Empire, is an empire located to the south of Gallia. It occupies the Ausonian Peninsula, similar to Italy. The first emperor was the Gravekeeper of Founder Brimir, and was also Brimir's apprentice. Due to its small size the emperors played up the religious fact and the fact that the emperor is also the Pope of the Brimir religion to use the Church's power to overrule other countries' will if needed.[1]

Romalia is also the only country in Halkeginia to have a secret weapon cache of Earth's weaponry, collected from a few centuries ago. Founder Brimir had acquired Earth weapons like guns, tanks, and katanas for fighting elves, and the vast majority of the weapons are still buried in the Sahara in previous battlefields near the Holy Land.[2] Search parties go into the Sahara to retrieve these weapons at times, though new weapons also drop into Halkeginia occasionally as Brimir has casted a Void Spell that brings weapons continuously throughout the ages from Earth, such as the soldier who wielded the "Staff of Destruction". The weapons are all preserved with magic, and these weapons are solely for the use of Gandalfr whenever he/she may rise again.

In season four, Romalia and it's capital city are shown. Large buildings and bustling streets show a lively city with a huge church in the middle designed to look like a pentagon. Inside the chapel, the building resembles Roman Catholic churches with a large atrium filled with pews, windows covered in stain glass representing murals, and an impressive centerpiece for worships and prayers. Romalia resembles modern day Rome and Vatican city because of its beautiful Churches and waterways.

Other cities in Romalia include Aquileia and Cittadella.


Name Portrait Birth Death Claim References

The Papacy of Romalia was founded by a disciple of Brimir. The pope is chosen by election. Cardinal Mazarin of Tristain was once chosen as pope but declined. After that, then-17-year-old Vittorio was elected.

Julius Raymond
Jules Raymond
FutatsukiNoKishi-7-BishopMadolene Election
Victor XXXII
Pope1 Killed in action (anime only) Election



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  2. Volume 13, Chapter 6

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