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Rune written on People that are now familiar.


Saito's new runes burned into his
left hand after Louise kissed him.

ᚷᚢᚾᛞᛟᛚᚠ Gundolf meaning (Gandálfr)
(ガンダールヴ Gandāruvu)


Saito Runes on Chest
Liveslatille (Lifdrasir)
"God's Heart"

Saito's new runes burned into
his chest after Tiffania kissed him.

Liveslatille (Lifdrasir)
"God's Heart"


Julio Runes on back of right hand, Windalfr
"The Right Hand of God"

Julio's runes on the back of his right hand.
After Vittorio Serevare kissed him?


ᚹᛁᚾᛞᚨᛚᚠᚱ "The Right Hand of God"

Note: What written in the picture hand is not Windalfr. 


Sheffield Runes
Myozunitonirun (Miodaitnir)
"Mind of God"

Sheffield rune on her forhead.
After Joseph_of_Gallia kissed her.

Myozunitonirun (Miodaitnir)
"Mind of God"


Runes on the Front of the Libaray

Rune-Feoh feoh "wealth" f [f],[v]
Rune-Ur ur "aurochs" u
Rune-Thorn þorn "thorn" þ, ð, th
Runic letter os.svg ós "[a] god" ó
Rune-Rad rad "ride" r
Rune-Cen cen "torch" c
Rune-Gyfu gyfu "gift" ȝ
Rune-Wynn wynn "joy" w, ƿ
Rune-Hægl hægl "hail (precipitation)" h
Rune-Nyd nyd "need, distress" n
Rune-Is is "ice" i
Runic letter ger.svg ger "year, harvest" j
Rune-Eoh eoh "yew" eo
Rune-Peorð peorð (Unknown) p
Rune-Eolh eolh "elk-sedge" x
Rune-Sigel sigel "Sun" s
Rune-Tir Tiw "Tiw" t
Rune-Beorc beorc "birch" b
Rune-Eh eh "horse" e
Rune-Mann mann "man" m
Rune-Lagu lagu "lake" l
Rune-Ing ing "Ing (a hero)" ŋ
Rune-Eðel éðel "estate" œ
Rune-Dæg dæg "day" d
Runic letter ac.svg ac "oak" a
Runic letter ansuz.svg æsc "ash-tree" æ
Rune-Yr yr "bow" y
Rune-Ior ior "eel" ia, io
Rune-Ear ear "grave" ea

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