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The Kingdom of Albion's cannons during the retaking of South Gotha.

The Invasion of Albion was a year-long conflict in which a coalition between Tristain and Germania invaded the island of Albion in order to overthrow Reconquista as well as achieve vengeance for the Invasion of Tristain.

The Invasion in the Show:

The war began shortly after the failed invasion of Tristain by Albion. The invasion was the first step in Reconquista's plan to unify Halkeginia under their leadership; but while had Albion managed to bypass Triatain's coastal defenses their attack on Tarbes slowed them down enough that Saito and Louise were able to launch their own counterattack. Together the duo used the 'Dragon's Raiment' to destroy the Dragon Knights and Wardes, which allowed Louise to use her void magic to destroy the Lexington. With their air and naval forces destroyed the surviving ground forces, confronted by the numerically superior Tristain forces, surrendered. A week later Henrietta, now Queen of Tristain, declared war with the intent of liberating Albion, destroying Reconquista, and avenging her paternal cousin Prince Wales.

Allied Leadership:

  • General de Poitiers: Supreme Allied Commander
  • General Margrave von Handenburg: Commander of the Germanian Forces
  • General Wimpffen: Allied Chief of Staff