This page is a timeline of events that happen both in and before the anime as of now it will start with the beginning of episode 1 being day 1 and the day saito was summoned being day 2 any day that is denoted as #? ie 9? is a day that is thought but cannot be proven to be that day


Season 1


Day 1

Louise blows up the classroom when attempting an alchemical spell.

Saito after summoned

Day 2

Familiar's were summoned, and that night Saito attempted to escape.

Day 3

The second year students are given a day off to become better aquainted with their recently summoned familiars.

Saito gets Guiche busted for two timing.

Saito defeats Guiche in a duel after Guiche foolishly summons a sword for Saito to use.

Day 6

Saito finally regains consiousness which he lost 3 days previously right after defeating Guiche in a duel.

Day 7

After angering Louise with a nonsensical song about how big a failure she is, Louise takes away Saito's next 4 meals and after Saito begs for her forgiveness she almost forgives him until Saito slips up and says her breast size is zero resulting in Saito being kicked out of her room and Siesta taking Saito to the kitchen where he is then fed by the kitchen staff for defeating Guiche, on his way back to the hall outside Louise room where he is supposed to sleep Flame (Kirche's salamander familiar) picks Saito up in it's mouth and brings Saito to Kirche (Flame's master), who then attempts to seduce Saito until Louise comes in drags Saito back and as punishment Louise whips Saito (for the first time).

Day 8 aka "Hollow's Day"

Louise and Kirche both buy Saito a sword, Louise buys Saito a cheap rusty sword which later turns out to be Delflinger and Kirche buys Saito a giant ornate golden sword inlaid with gems.

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