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Tristain (Tristanian: Tristain; Japanese: トリステイン Torisutein), or the Kingdom of Tristain, is the nation in Halkeginia in which the majority of the story takes place. It is a small country resembling the Low Countries. Tristain is home to the Tristain Academy of Magic, a highly acclaimed school for magical studies, which attracts students from nearby countries, even from Gallia and Germania. The current ruler of Tristain is Queen Henrietta, with Louise next in line. Their official language is French.


Tristain is under threat from Albion due to a rebellion against royalty. The country's militarily is weak, with only a small permanent force, which forces it to make marriage alliances with other countries. This mirrors the political state of the Low Countries throughout history.

Tristain is one of the countries founded by Brimir's successors. The other three are Romalia, Albion, and Gallia. Romalia was founded by Brimir's apprentice, while the other three were founded by Brimir's sons.


House of Tristain

The royal house of Tristain descends from Brimir through one of his three children. Since Henrietta was able to designate Louise as her heiress without opposition, there are presumably no other claimants to the throne.

Name Portrait Birth Marriage Claim References
Philip III
One child Descendent of Brimir
HenriettaMother2 Daughter of Philip III One child Daughter of Philip III
Prince of Albion Husband of Marianne
Henrietta Daughter of Henry and Marianne Unmarried Daughter of Marianne

House of La Vallière

The House of La Vallière is a cadet branch of the House of Tristain through an illegitimate child of a late king. Louise de La Vallière became the heiress to the throne when the unmarried Henrietta adopted her as a sister. Louise has not yet succeeded Henrietta.

Louise Françoise
Louise Françoise
Chap1 Daughter of the Duke de La Vallière and Karin, Duchess de La Vallière Hiraga Saito Descendent of Brimir


The capital city of Tristain is Tristania (Tristania; トリスタニア Torisutania). It is located in the northwest of Halkeginia, with Gallia to its southeast and Germania to its northwest. Its area is about the size of Belgium (30,528 km²) and Netherlands (41,528 km²) combined (72,056 km²), about ten times smaller than Gallia or Germania.[1]



  1. Volume 4, Chapter 4

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