The Tea Time of Des Ornières is the sixteenth volume of The Familiar of Zero.

16-The Tea Time of Des Ornières

After the fight with King Joseph, Garia plot involving a variety of thoughts and we have returned to school Saito. All students are honored in front of, every one of the team from Knight Henrietta reward Sazukatta Water Spirit is regained their popularity, he spent a happy time. Well Saito and Louise, immersed in the world ... but wished only to us, the stick-on Siesta. Louise is angry. Been issued to the mansion he promised to look mouth, angry Louise. "I said the maid hiring Tsu Tsu ー!" At that time, while Tabitha Queen of Gaul was being sent to unfamiliar life, Maria b Conspiracy Was determined to tackle. "I said the maid hiring Tsu Tsu ー! "At that time, while Tabitha Queen of Gaul was being sent to unfamiliar life was determined to confront the conspiracy of Russia Maria.

Chapter 1 - The Reward of the Campaign

Chapter 2 - Searching for a Residence

Chapter 3 - Henrietta's Melancholy, Louise's Anxiety, Saito's Promotion

Chapter 4 - Mother and Cousin

Chapter 5 - Saito Chevalier De Hiraga Des Ornières

Chapter 6 - Daily Tea Time

Chapter 7 - Eléonore's Academy

Chapter 8 - The Basement of the Residence

Chapter 9 - Secret Meeting

Chapter 10 - Elemental Siblings

Note: Google translation is not the greatest

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