The Soeur of Dawn is the seventeenth volume of The Familiar of Zero.

17-The Soeur of Dawn

Was attacked by a thug wit a strange duo, come back to life with the help of siesta had to look worried. However, the waiting, "Louise is not" reality. However, the waiting, "Louise is not" reality. Wit drop spree, the siesta is scolded, encouraged to begin looking for Ruiz. The decline spree wit, scolded the siesta, and inspired, start looking for Ruiz. to report the circumstances Henrietta also has evolved into a big search. Also report the circumstances to Henrietta, evolved into a large-scale search. At that time, Louise is the heartbreak of certain towns, and meet an attractive girl wearing a dangerous atmosphere. At that time, Louise's grief is the term post town, and meet an attractive girl wearing a dangerous atmosphere. Janet and she claimed to Louise, "A quiet refuge where people can live, " rather to teach.

Chapter 1 - Saito's despair (editor needed)

Chapter 2 - Flight (editor needed)

Chapter 3 - Meeting and Comrade

Chapter 4 - Sulpice

Chapter 5 - First meeting with Jack

Chapter 6 - Damien and Lord Gondrin

Chapter 7 - Soeur Louise

Chapter 8 - Josette's Resolution

Chapter 9 - Two Canes, One Crown

Chapter 10 - Garden Party to Celebrate the Enthronement

Chapter 11 - Bonds

Other Title: Dawn Nun ((Sur))

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