Holy Land from Ancient Times is the twentieth volume of The Familiar of Zero.

20-Holy Land from Ancient Times
"I Yappari, such sites do you like that" "the show, so much hate in Janakatta" "I'm a bad girl. Nantes lover like friends" - the Tiffania "revolution chest (Bust Revolution) "Saito who later escaped from the Elves thanks to the guidance of visiting the island in Rukushana phrase. I meet a dragon is said to be a walking dictionary of waterborne world. No useful information, however, to spend with one fret, the Revolution finally Taehwa? Meanwhile, Louise is friends with the school to the land of elves. The elves come to intercept, and the appeal came to help Saito.... Louise and Saito are at the mercy engulf the world evil, can compete to get you back?

Chapter 1 - Boat for Two

Chapter 2 - Mother Sea

Chapter 3 - The Last Spear

Chapter 4 - Council

Chapter 5 - Fairy's Heart

Chapter 6 - United Council for the Holy Land Restoration

Chapter 7 - Elfland

Chapter 8 - Military Breach

Chapter 9 - Void Demon's Fate

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